Yomimono Ippai!  For Readers, Teachers and Writers of Japanese Graded Readers

Advice for Learners

Dear learners of Japanese,

By reading Japanese stories, you will become better at reading kanji, learn many new words, and most importantly, you will have fun. This will encourage you to continue reading, improving your language skills.

Don’t worry!

It is not difficult. Our stories vary in level. So, start with easy stories, and read “every day, little by little, for a long period.” If you do so, you will be able to gradually improve your ability to read and process Japanese texts.

Start with easy stories.

The important thing is to start with easy stories. This approach is better than starting with stories that are too difficult, and becoming discouraged with the difficulty of texts.

Read what you like.

It is also important to read what you like. If you find a story boring, you can stop reading it anytime. Yomimono Ippai is not a strict classroom. Choose whichever story you like, and if you decide you don’t like it, you can stop reading it.

Enjoy the content, see how you feel about it, and think about it.

The most important thing is to enjoy stories. How did you feel after you read a story? Did you think about something? Expand your ‘feelings’ and ‘thoughts’ through reading stories.

Be a reviewer!

You can also send your reviews (your feelings and thoughts) to writers. You can send your reviews to yomimono_ippai[AT]yahoo.co.jp