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Project Objectives

Yomimono Ippai (Heaps of Stories) strives to offer copyright-free stories that elementary- or intermediate-level students can read easily.

This is a website for those who want to improve their Japanese through reading interesting Japanese graded readers, as well as for those who want to teach learners of Japanese in an effective and enjoyable way.

People who want to write their own interesting stories targeting elementary- and intermediate-level learners worldwide can easily participate in the development of the Yomimono Ippai website.

Organizers' Profiles

Mitsue Tabata-Sandom
Mitsue was born in Osaka. She received her PhD from the Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand.
After serving as an assistant professor at the University of Hawaii from 2014 to 2016, Mitsue became a lecturer at the Massey University, Auckland, New Zealand. Her speciality is L2 Japanese reading development. She takes ‘promoting Japanese Extensive Reading’ as her life mission. Coming from Osaka, she is confident that she can make the best Okonomiyaki (Japanese savoury pan-cakes, Osaka people believe their Okonomiyaki are the best). Her hobby is watching Japanese dramas.
Email (for this site): yomimono_ippai[AT]excite.co.jp

Satoko Tokumaru
Satoko has lived in various places from Hokkaido to Kyuushuu. She did her university studies in Kyoto. She received her PhD from the Ochanomizu Women’s University. Having taught at Japan Women's College of Physical Education and Miyazaki University, she is currently a professor at Kaichi International University. Her speciality is writing pedagogy. She is engaged in writing instruction with the application of TAE (Thinking at the Edge) and conducting qualitative research.

Tatsuhiko Matsushita
Tatsu was born in Nagoya City. He received his PhD from the Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand.
Having worked as a lecturer, an assistant professor and then an associate professor at Oobirin University, he is now a professor of the University of Tokyo. Tatsu’s speciality is vocabulary learning and teaching. While he is from Nagoya, he is somehow a supporter of Hanshin Tigers. (But his soul-food is not Udon, a food probably loved by Hanshin Tigers fans, but Kishimen, a food typically loved by Nagoya people.)

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